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Welcome! I am Kelly Lovell and I created YOU EffectTM with two founding principles in mind…

1) I was tired of negative media.

How meaningful are today’s headlines? Today’s entertainment media often revolves around gossip, scandals, or the exploitation of peoples’ insecurities. Despite this negativity, society is still encapsulated by media’s intrigue. There are many role models in media to look up to, yet a large proportion of headlines highlight their glamorous life or mistakes and faults. Wouldn’t it be great to be inspired or learn from their story as it relates to our own experiences for once? We see our media figures for their success; however, I would like to learn how they achieved their success and the takeaways I, as a leader, can learn from their stories to apply to my own path to success.

2) We are a Change Generation.

As a leader who has had the privilege of becoming a part of many youth leadership networks, I have been astounded and humbled by my peers. From engineering mobility devices for the visually impaired to founding multi-million dollar charities and advocating for rights on governmental platforms, our generation is doing amazing things. We are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of TODAY!

Wouldn’t it be great to show the world the potential of our generation? I want to share your stories of change to connect you with fellow leaders around the world that share in your passions.

Born is YOU Effect. A global platform that marries the world of media and entertainment for a greater purpose: To empower, connect and celebrate the leaders of today.

I created YOU Effect to be your media platform; to be shaped by our generation and cater to our passions and interests. All great change starts from somewhere, and that somewhere, I am confident, is with YOU.

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To learn more about Kelly’s story follow her on Twitter & Instagram @kellyalovell and visit her website: www.kellyalovell.com

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