About the Global ChangeLeader® Award

Celebrating the impact of the world's brightest young minds and passionate leaders

The Global ChangeLeader® Award recognizes the top young leaders around the world who are using their passions to enact change.

Award winners include social entrepreneurs, student inventors, nonprofit champions, kid CEOs and young scientists each of which are using their talents to solve challenges in their community.

Having scouted every continent of the globe, we are thrilled to celebrate the work of 200 Honorary 2017 Award Ambassadors – who collectively represent 59 different countries around the world!

Meet Haylen, starting at 6 years old he is our youngest Honorary 2017 Ambassador

Haylen is a young businessman and social entrepreneur who started his ice cream shop with a mission to help sick kids.

In less than a year later he raised over $10,000 for the Ronald McDonald House and as a true ChangeLeader, he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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