The Power of YOUth - Global Education

The Power of YOUth is a book that encourages youth to pursue their passions and celebrates their role in shaping our future.

Learn from stories of youth who are….

The Power of YOUth introduces students to key problems affecting today’s world through the lens of their peers.

From advocating for mandatory GMO labelling to treating cancer with synthetic genes, The Power of YOUth is filled with over 200 examples of youth taking action to shape a better future.


YOUth are not alone  

Combining the perspectives of youth across 59 countries, The Power of YOUth helps students develop sense of belonging to a common humanity, sharing values and perspectives on global issues.

Leadership has no age  

From founding a non-profit organizations as young as 6 years-old, the young leaders in The Power of YOUth helps students become aware of their responsibility as active citizens.

YOUth can do it too  

Empower lifelong learning skills with 200 relatable peer experiences that teach students to adapt to the changing workplace and the global economy


The Power of YOUth Global Education Program is divided up into eight subject categories.

Through a curated collection of stories from youth around the world, students will explore each subject and global issue from the eyes of their peers.

Topics covered:

  1. Empowering Those in Need – stories addressing homelessness, poverty, and human rights
  2. Saving the Planet – stories investigating sustainability, renewable energy and climate action
  3. Inventing Our Future – stories sharing STEM innovation, scientific discovery and research
  4. Changing Our World – stories of social entrepreneurship and business
  5. Finding Strength & Identity – stories addressing bullying, gender identity and mental health
  6. Bridging the Gender Gap – stories exploring gender equality and issues affecting girls
  7. Improving Education for All – stories explaining education access, quality and advancement
  8. Pursuing Your Passions – stories of discovery, arts & culture and youth leadership

Research & Self-Reflection Assignments

At the end of each section students are encouraged to reflect on the stories and topics covered; research the global issue addressed in more detail and compare their perspective to those of their peers in different parts of the world.

The Power of YOUth seeks to help students acquire understanding about global, national and local issues and the correspondence of different countries.

After reading 200 stories of peers who are taking action to address social problems and build inclusive communities, students are challenged to consider how they will act responsibly as a leader. For the Power of YOUth final assignment, students write their own story of change, choosing one of the global issues explored through the program and explaining how they hope to take action.
Final assignments can be submitted to The Change Generation’s official website and top stories will be published in the next volume of The Power of YOUth book!


Jasveen’s passion for the environment and STEM research started when she with 15-years-old. Learn the impacts of climate change with Jasveen and the key takeaways she gained from her Antarctica expedition.

Realize the social and economic challenges that still exist for many young women and girls. Growing up in Malawi – a country where 64% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day – Ellen was expected to marry at 12 years old. See how she took her future into her own hands and now is helping girls in her home community do the same.

Discover new career opportunities in social entrepreneurship by learning the startup journeys and struggles from young innovators who use business to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Explore poverty and sustainability with Protash – a team of young women student entrepreneurs in Mexico who are working to educate local poverty by optimizing the recycling industry and helping people in low-income communities earn income from their recyclable waste.

Find strength from Jacob, a gender-queer youth advocate living in Australia, who at 19 lost a friend to suicide. Understand how youth struggles are reflected across cultures and be inspired by his work in LGBTQIA+ advocacy and suicide prevention.



  • Critical Thinking

    Help students gain the knowledge needed to understand the global contexts of critical civic issues such as sustainability, climate change, mental health and gender equality.

  • null

    Help students develop skills, habits, and characteristics that will help them interact positively and effectively with others in the community and in schools.

  • Personal Responsibility

    Improve student success by developing their ability to take responsibility for their behaviour and self-care. The Power of YOUth helps students see how their actions and ideas influence the world in which they live.

  • Global Consciousness

    Increase intercultural knowledge and competence, so that students can move across boundaries, engage with a wide range of human diversity and see the world from multiple perspectives.

  • Leadership Development

    Develop students’ abilities to explore their interests, assess their personal strengths and draw on their knowledge of themselves to explore work and life goals.

Inspire the Power of YOUth LIVE

Bring the stories and positive message of the Power of YOUth into your school classrooms with a live keynote presentation with its founder Kelly Lovell.

Lovell is a three time TEDx speaker and 15 time award-winning young entrepreneur. She dedicates her time to youth by creating opportunities for them to thrive in. She is ranked among the top 0.1% of online influencers on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and youth mobilization; and was named 2016’s Top Millennial Influencer in Entrepreneurship by LinkedIn. From becoming the youngest of Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100 at 21-years-old to most recently, meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lovell is recognized globally for her work in youth.

Using her own personal story, along with the experiences from those in The Power of YOUth book, Lovell’s presentation empowers students to build confidence as leaders, become career ready and explore global peer perspectives.

Presentation package includes:

  • Keynote or assembly presentation + interactive Q&A

  • Optional photo opportunity with students and facility.

  • A signed copy of The Power of YOUth book for your school library

Kelly Lovell with Abi Smithson from The Power of YOUth Book