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Connect with the best and brightest up-and-coming young minds

The Change Generation® Youth Speakers Bureau is your one-stop shop. Whether you are seeking a passionate speaker for your upcoming event, an inspiring storyteller that will connect with your audience, a young leader to motivate your attendees with authentic insights or a refreshing perspective to include in a media article, The Change Generation® (Change Gen) has a diverse roster of talented young influencers to meet your needs.
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Our Youth Speakers Bureau can help you bring fresh perspectives and passion to your next event.

From social entrepreneurs as young as six fighting to save our oceans and solve local injustices, to genius inventors, youth scientists and TEDx speakers,  ChangeGen’s Youth Speakers Bureau offers clients unprecedented access to the world’s most passionate youth influencers and brilliant young minds under 30—known to us as ChangeLeaders®.

Our ChangeLeaders® can be booked for panels, keynotes (virtual and live), school assemblies, media appearances and influencer marketing campaigns.

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A truly international network, our Youth Speakers Bureau can connect you with young influencers from over 60 countries who speak 25 languages. With passion as bright as their brilliance, our ChangeLeaders® have raised over $26.2M for charity through their community leadership and social ventures.

Topic Themes

  • Empowering Those in Need: Young activists, nonprofit champions and social entrepreneurs working to address poverty, homelessness and human rights.
  • Pursuing Your Passions: Award-winning artists, youth mentors and leadership coaches using their talents to inspire others and make a difference.
  • Saving the Planet: Eco-warriors, activists and innovators revolutionizing renewable energy production, advocating for sustainability and combating climate action.
  • Inventing Our Future: Genius inventors, scientists and researchers using their STEM skills to cure disease, engineer mobility devices and use technology to solve global challenges.
  • Changing Our World: Social entrepreneurs, kid CEOs and young investors dedicated to using their business acumen to make the world a better place.
  • Finding Identity and Strength: Inspiring young role models working to improve suicide prevention, self-esteem and erase stigmas surrounding mental health and LGBTQI+ communities.
  • Improving Education for All: Social entrepreneurs, aspiring young teachers and philanthropists redefining global education and improving access to learning around the world.
  • Bridging the Gender Gap: Women trailblazers, next-generation policymakers and entrepreneurs breaking down barriers, advocating for women’s rights and empowering girls around the world.

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Our Youth Speakers Bureau can connect you to some of the world’s top youth influencers. From mainstream media to international leadership platforms and prestigious honours from heads of state and royalty, our ChangeLeaders® know how to leave a mark in the world.