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Whether you are a young leader trying to build skills and find your passions, an aspiring entrepreneur working to bring your ideas to market or a seasoned young professional seeking to take the next step up in your career, The Change Generation® (ChangeGen) is here to help you succeed.

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We call our community members ChangeLeaders®—they include activists, entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors who together are on a journey to pursue their passions and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Our Commitment

Whether it’s entrepreneurial initiatives or sustainability efforts, advocating for youth mental health or fighting for gender rights, to name a few, as ChangeLeaders® we’re committed to ensuring that everyone, no matter where they’re from or how old they are, has the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

All great leaders start out the same, simple people with a passion. It’s what you do with this passion that determines your success.

Kelly Lovell

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