The Power of YOUth Book

The Power of YOUth is a book that encourages youth to pursue their passions and celebrates their role in shaping our future.

Discover stories of youth who are….

Filled with over 200 inspirational stories, The Power of YOUth shares peer advice from young people who are doing everything from combating climate change and advocating for human rights to inventing game-changing technologies and working to cure cancer.



Different countries and
cultures represented.

years old

Youngest leader taking action
for our future.


Total dollars raised for charity by youth
in The Power of YOUth!

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The Power of YOUth book comes in two versions: standard paperback and a large hardcover deluxe.

The paperback is a 5″ x 8.5″ sized book with 410 pages.
This version shares all of the stories in a standard black and white novel format with a colour cover.

The deluxe edition of The Power of YOUth is a full-colour, 420 page coffee table book.
Bound in a beautifully designed hardcover this 9″ x 12″ sized book shares all of the youth stories, with featured quotations, and 200 extra photographs to bring their experiences to life.

Each book is divided into eight distinct sections: (1) Empowering Those in Need; (2) Pursuing Your Passions; (3) Saving the Planet; (4) Inventing Our Future; (5) Changing Our World; (6) Finding Strength & Identity; (7) Bridging the Gender Gap; and (8) Improving Education for All.



“Do not let your age define you.Believe in yourself and do not let the world dictate who you will become tomorrow! Start now!”

-Asya Gonzalez, Age 19, United States

YOU Effect
YOU Effect

“Let passion fuel your journey through any ups and downs that come along the way.”

-Calvin Woo, Age 21, Malaysia

“Having autism doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of great things.”

-Jacob Velazquez, Age 8, Canada

YOU Effect

“Our lives are controlled by the way we think and our mindset shapes our destiny.”

-Wilton Jeromie, age 19, St.

“Tomorrow I may choose to flight or fight, but it will be because I had the willpower to make a decision that makes my life better.”

-Lilly Njenga, Age 26, Kenya

YOU Effect


  • 53% of the world's out of school population are girls

    Sometimes all it takes is a simple hair accessory.

    Mary Grace Henry, the 19-year-old founder of Reverse the Course, has funded 251 years of school fees for impoverished and marginalized young women across the globe by selling custom-made reversible headbands.

  • statistics about access to education

    A prosperous future starts with a quality education.

    At 22 years old Edmund Page founded the Xavier Project, and has since used his organization to provide refugees with access to a quality education and lifelong learning opportunities outside a formal environment.

  • statistic about youth depression

    The power of listening is infinite.

    The Buddy Project, founded by 19-year-old Gabby Frost, raises awareness for youth suicide and mental health by providing positivity, companionship, resources, and education to youths to combat the hostility of social media.