Meet Our Founder

Hello, I’m Kelly Lovell.

I founded The Change Generation® (ChangeGen) to redefine the narrative of today’s youth and create a community of like-minded peers that embody the true passion and celebrate the impact of today’s young leaders.


TEDX Speaker


United Nations Speaker


Awards Received

As a Youth Mobilizer, Young Entrepreneur and Speaker...

I have represented the voice of youth on global leadership platforms, met with business leaders and executives, and shared discussions with powerful world leaders and royalty.
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Throughout this journey, I have encountered barriers due to age and negative stereotypes of the young generation, and yet, the aspiring leaders and young professionals I know are passionate, creative and committed to making the world a better place. This inspired me to create a place to unite us all and celebrate the change that young leaders not only can create, but already are!

My Mission

I am dedicated to creating opportunities for youth to thrive and harness their talents to solve social challenges.  I want to bridge opportunity gaps to ensure young voices are part of our decision-making processes and have the resources and support they need to reach their full potential.
From finding an affordable cure for malaria and revolutionizing the way those who are blind or partially sighted navigate their daily lives to starting a nonprofit as young as six to raise money for a neighbour, members of The Change Generation are not waiting for others make change happen.
This drive to change the world—to seek solutions for global challenges that affect us all—and to pave our own path in life is a defining characteristic of our generation. In essence, we are a generation defined by our dedication to each other and a better future, or as I have come to realize, we are a #ChangeGen.

Join ChangeGen

I invite you to become a ChangeLeader®—young entrepreneurs, activists and innovators—on a journey to pursue our passions, make a meaningful contribution society, and in the process change the conversation about the next generation. This is your opportunity to connect with, learn from and be inspired by peers and mentors from around the world.