The Change Generation®

The Change Generation is a global youth leadership network

Our aim is to amplify the voice of young leaders working to create a better future. Youth hold the power to shift business markets, advocate for change and shape the future they want to see.

Why? Because youth are...

Taking over the workforce



The largest living generation


Global youth population

A lucrative
consumer market


spending power

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Who We Are

Our network reaches motivated  young professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, student leaders and innovators in more than 60 countries, connecting them with like-minded peers, mentorship and resources they need to succeed. Through media, leadership training and entrepreneurship projects, The Change Generation celebrates the voice of the next generation by spotlighting their impact—because youth are not just leaders of tomorrow, youth are leaders of today!

what we do

Change the conversation

We dismantle stereotypes surrounding youth. It’s time to help governments, educators and businesses realize the potential of youth and work with them to create better opportunities for youth to thrive.

Shape the future

We encourage and inspire the next generation of leaders. With the right resources, tools and training, young people are making their schools, communities, countries and the world a better place today.

Give youth a platform

We provide youth with the springboard to launch their next big idea or grow an existing project, social initiative or venture. We want youth voices to be heard and for the next generation to have the avenues to share their insights, expertise and successes with each other and the world.

Foster a safe, supportive community

We ensure all youth feel welcome to participate and pursue their passions. Through peer-to-peer engagement, young people find their collaborators, cheerleaders and mentors to push them further and accomplish more together.

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