Reflection: Why Millennials are Ideal Leaders of Change

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Four years ago, I wrote my first Huffington Post article titled: Why Millennials are Ideal Leaders of Change.

While a lot has happened since I wrote this piece, both in my life as a leader and in the world, it’s special to know that the message of this article still remains just as relevant today as it was in 2013.

In fact, the essence of this article embodies the founding beliefs of The Change GenerationTM. Over the course of these last four years, I have been blessed to connect with new young leaders around the world. Each encounter has brought me closer to my mission of giving a voice to youth and creating opportunities that help our peers to thrive. We are growing up at a time of great change. We have seen a mix of both positive and negative shifts, but this period has been one that will inevitably change the future for the next generation.
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Youth hold the power to shape the future and influence the wave of change that is underway.
Millennials will be the largest employee group worldwide within the next decade, and will be the largest voting group as early as next year!

Suffice to say, each of us has a voice and a choice to use the opportunities available to us to make a difference. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge the opportunities available to us are not equal and do not come without their challenges. For instance, depending on where we live, our family circumstances, and economic resources, there will be barriers and obstacles to overcome. These challenges, however, should not dictate our potential or limit the vision for our future.

While creating The Power of YOUth book, I had the opportunity to discover the personal struggles, hardships, and triumphs of young ChangeLeaders around the world. The stories share every kind of challenge a person could face, including mental health, poverty, violence and abuse, access to education, human rights, and digital inclusion. While each story and circumstance is unique, a unified theme of hope and strength weaves throughout the pages of the book, as each ChangeLeader faces their challenges head on. Not letting their present determine their future, each one of these individuals are overcoming their struggles to achieve great things for themselves and the world.
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This fire, determination, and passion to make a difference is the heart of what I hope The Change Generation will come to stand for: a community where you can connect with peers from all walks of life to come together and make a difference. Through this connection with like-minded leaders, hopefully you can find the inspiration to overcome the challenges that stand in your way.
The Change Generation seeks to redefine the narrative of our generation. It is time to unite and show the world the positivity, hope, and strength that our generation holds in the world.

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Kelly Lovell is the founder and CEO of ChangeGen. She is globally recognized for her expertise, particularly on engaging Millennials and Generation Z More