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We are ChangeLeaders - young leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists - on a journey to pursue our passions and make a meaningful difference.

YOUth CAN and ARE changing the world.

Millennials, Generation Z, youth…despite the label is used to define us, one thing that is certain is that YOUth are the largest generation in history. With a population 1.8 billion and counting, we hold the power to shift business markets, advocate for change, and shape a future WE want to see.

It is time to start bridging the gap to opportunity — to help governments, educators and businesses realize our potential and work WITH US to create better opportunities for YOUth to thrive.

So, what do you say?


By becoming a member of The Change Generation, you will join a global community of like-minded peers, passionate young leaders and advocates dedicated to creating a better future.

Whether it’s entrepreneurial initiatives or sustainability efforts, advocating for youth mental health or fighting for gender rights, we are a community of ChangeLeaders® committed to ensuring that EVERYONE, no matter where they’re from or how old they are, has the same opportunities to grow, discover, learn and SUCCEED.

Together, we can be a #CHANGEGEN.

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“People always say that what I am doing is incredible, but I think it’s easy. All you have to do is love the world.”

-Madison, age 9, Canada

h”Do not let your age define you. Believe in yourself and do not let the world dictate who you will become tomorrow.Start now!.”

-Asya Gonzalez, Canada

“I hold that young people are part of the solution and we can craft a better future now.”

-PJ, age 30, Sierra Leone

“Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but they don’t need to wait till tomorrow to lead.”

-Swarochish, age 19, Canada/Singapore

“We are never too young or too busy to help create positive change. Our input, no matter how small, will yield a great effect.”

-Sweetie, age 26, Ghana

“Children are the future of the planet and we have a fundamental right to a life of dignity. Do not underestimate our potential. Give us respect and equal opportunity so that each one of us can blossom.”

-Kehkashan, age 16, India


  • 53% of the world's out of school population are girls

    Sometimes all it takes is a simple hair accessory.

    Mary Grace Henry, the 19-year-old founder of Reverse the Course, has funded 251 years of school fees for impoverished and marginalized young women across the globe by selling custom-made reversible headbands.

  • statistics about access to education

    A prosperous future starts with a quality education.

    At 22 years old Edmund Page founded the Xavier Project, and has since used his organization to provide refugees with access to a quality education and lifelong learning opportunities outside a formal environment.

  • statistic about youth depression

    The power of listening is infinite.

    The Buddy Project, founded by 19-year-old Gabby Frost, raises awareness for youth suicide and mental health by providing positivity, companionship, resources, and education to youths to combat the hostility of social media.